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Cross to Saint
This is a Catholic Blog on The Cross of Christ, Mary, and the Saints
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Advent – Preparing for the coming of Jesus Christ, Our Savior, and The Holy Family

Advent is the time in the liturgical season when we are given the opportunity once again to prepare our hearts and our souls to receive Jesus Christ, Our Savior. It is a time to open our hearts to the great potential of love that we were given when we were baptized into the Catholic faith, and joined the body of The Church and communion of the saints. We prepare for the rebirth and renewal of Jesus into our hearts as we commemorate and celebrate that first Nativity over 2000 years ago. The infant Jesus calls us now to give our hearts in love and humility as the shepherds did when they came to adore their King and Savior. We experience this love in humility as servants when we give to the poor, visit the sick and elderly, contribute our time in service to the church, and spend more time with our family and friends. It is common to hear this loving action described during this time as “the spirit of Christmas”.  But, as Christians we know that this loving action of service is “the spirit of God living in us –  The Holy Spirit”. And, The Holy Spirit is within us every day of our lives as long as we are free from mortal sin, not just during the Christmas season.

For Reflection: How have we grown in our love for Jesus during this year? What will we do to prepare to greet the infant Jesus again this Christmas morning? Have we been more generous with the gifts that He has given us? Have we spent time in prayer – giving praise and thanksgiving to God, and listening to Him as He speaks to us during our day? Advent is a wonderful time to prepare ourselves by doing good works and spending more time in prayer. We honor Jesus and The Holy Family as we celebrate the first Nativity in praise and thanksgiving each year. You can express your honor and devotion to Jesus and The Holy Family as you display a beautiful Holy Family figurine and invoke their intercession in prayer.

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